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Welcome to Weekly News my name is Pete. Google banishes advertising for Bitcoin. According to Google, Google does not want to show any ads around cryptosystems like Bitcoin anymore. Google will no longer allow advertising on its websites for Bitcoin and other unregulated digital assets. This was announced by the Internet company as a result of an update of the advertising rules. What does that mean for bitcoins? Our experts expect the stock market to fall from bitcoins.  We recommend changing your investment strategy from day trading to long-term investment. Our product FixTrade will help you. What is FixTrade? Our experts work out your wealth in just 3 steps. 1. build a new company 2. company generate profits. 3. bring this company to the stock market.  $1 USD we create a value of  $ 250 USD. We make this possible for you! You open a trading account with TakeTheProfits.com and wait for your payout.
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