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Welcome to Weekly News my name is Pete. Star investor Warren Buffett: "I made a mistake" "I should have bought JPMorgan," Buffett said in an interview with Yahoo Finance. "I've made a mistake." It's quite obvious that the largest US bank by market capitalization is a "great run business." "And once it was very cheap, just like many others." Did you hear that you can make good profits on the stock market? You do not know how? But you also want to be happy to duplicate, grow and thrive your money. TakeThe Profits.com has the solution for you! The doubler account! With this secured account, we generate profits, from 8.33% fix a month. This will turn 1,000 .- USD into 2,000.- usd, which will become 4,000.- USD one year later, then 8'000.- USD then 16,000.- USD and finally 32,000.- USD. You see your account grow year after year. Now click on the link below this video, and open a doubler account
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