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Welcome to Weekly News my name is Pete. Our experts were right! with your forecast of the falling price of Bitcoin! According to our experts, we will see a short rise in the price, but then another big drop is expected. We expect further profits by the end of 2018 Dave Chapman, Managing Director of crypto company Octagon Strategy, said, "I would not be surprised to see a six-digit headline." He believes the price of a Bitcoin will rise above $ 100,000 in 2018. Chapman had earlier this year commented on the development of Bitcoin: "I was interviewed in August when Bitcoin was trading at around $ 4,000, and I said we would reach a five-digit headline by the end of this year. many people thought I was crazy. " The value of Bitcoin increased in 2017 by about 1,600 percent. Who has invested right at the beginning, should now be rich. That was TaketheProfits.com Your Weekly News Team. The team that works for your profits! TakeTheProftis.com
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