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Welcome to Weekly News my name is Pete. Deutsche Bank considers stricter rules for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins to be appropriate. "Financial crime and cybercrime are merging more and more and are today almost impossible to separate," wrote Philippe Vollot, the head of the department against financial crime at the Institute. For example, cryptocurrencies would not be subject to the same regulation and controls as traditional means of payment. This would allow an almost anonymous worldwide transfer of high sums of money. But this is exactly where we find the reason why more and more people are trading Bitcoin and getting rich! Less regulation more profits. Everyone can trade Bitcoin. We also see this in the numbers 1 Bitcoin equals US $ 7,085.00 and not 1 USD equals 7,085.00 bitcoins! 98% of our customers find this ingenious and continue to invest in Bitcoins. That was TaketheProfits.com Your Weekly News Team. The team that works for your profits! TakeTheProftis.com
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